Dragon’s Back, Hong Kong

I recently traveled to China for business and had a little downtime on the weekend. I try to hike hike at least once a week and traveling to a foreign country is even more of a reason for me to get out and explore. With a little online research I found Dragon’s Back, a moderate yet scenic trail along the southeastern ridge of Hong Kong between Wan Cham Shan and Shek O Peak.  TIME Asia names Dragon’s Back the best urban hike—I had to check it out!

Not knowing much of the language, I found the easiest way to get to the trailhead was hopping in a cab. The cab driver was able to drop me and my colleagues off right at the trailhead.

Dragon’s Back trail is fairly easy but starts off with a steady climb of stairs for about a quarter mile. The trail eventually levels off to a gorgeous view of the coastline below. Luckily the sky was overcast when we started out, as much of the trail is exposed with little shade. Although Dragon’s Back is a beautiful trail, I did not see a single living creature, not even an insect, lizard, or bird!

After about an hour we reached the summit at Shek O Peak and began our descent to Big Wave Beach. Following the hand made signs, the trail eventually leads to a small beach town. We reached the shore just as the clouds lifted, revealing stunning green hills and turquoise water. We climbed along the rocks and enjoyed a drink on the shore, (the best way to end a hike!) At just under 5 miles, Dragon’s Back is the perfect urban hike in Hong Kong.





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